Starting Point

Everything has a starting point.  Even faith has a starting point.  As an adult, what whould happen if you were to press the restart button for your faith?  What is the starting point for an adult?


Behind every answer is a series of questions.  A master counselor does just that, asks penetrating questions that cut to the heart of the matter.  Jesus was the master of questions.  Discover your heart through a series of four questions that Jesus asked.


Road Trip

Summer is coming and we're planning our road trip. What is your destination.  What about your spiritual destination?  What spiritual roads are you taking?  We take a look at how we get there.  

Songs have been song, poems written, movies made, and cities lore about this word.  "LOVE".  But how do you know what love is really about?  Who defined it? We chase this feeling, but what if love is more than...  


That's Amore


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