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Everyone is on a spiritual journey.  Some recognize it, others reject it, still others are indifferent to it.  No matter what category someone is in, God has planted a sense in them that there is a purpose for them to accomplish in their lifetime. Those that discover their God-ordained purpose and pursue it, lead a more fulfilled life. To help you discover your purpose, we believe that everyone follows a simple path of LOOK, LIVE, and LEAD.  


Under each tab you will discover growth plans and opporunties to assist you in your spiritual journey.  Someone once said, "going on the journey is part of the destination." So, enjoy the journey.

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It’s cold in the Warwick Valley, but the

Join Pastor Tim with his Daily Scripture Reading Time and S.O.A.P. along with him.

SOAP is our way of daily interacting with the ancient sacred scriptures, we call, the Bible.  

All you need is a pen, paper/journal, access to a Bible, and about 10 minutes.  For more information and how start  SOAP-ing click the link below.

Discover Your Place

Where Life, Faith, and Hope Connect!

Everyone has a story.  Every story has a place.  God uses your unique spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, and experiences to empower others.  Join us July 14th and discover how God can use your story to help others find LIFE, FAITH, and HOPE.  


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