Your journey begins with your first look.  This is when you first visit Warwick Assembly's physical location or website.  So guess what, you already took your first step!  During the LOOK growth time, we encourage you to come back a second and third time.  With each visit you will receive a gift.  The gifts get better and better!  As you complete this step in your spiritual journey, we encourage you join the FIRST LOOK group.  At First Look you will encounter who we are and why we exist.  This is your opportunityto ask what Warwick Assembly is all about and discover if you want to continue your journey here.  To be a part of this, click below to register for Connection Events - First Look .


We are a Spirit-filled Christ-Centered church.  We endeavor to be a place where LIFE, FAITH, and HOPE connect


What We Believe 

This link will take you to our Statement of Faith 


  • Tell others about our hope in Christ. 

  • To be a people who worships  God with everything.

  • Lead people to become fully committed followers of Christ and His teachings.

  • Demonstrate God's love through compassion.


We are Bible-based – the Scriptures are our standard for life, faith, and hope.  

We are Spirit-filled and Spirit-led – We walk in unity to fulfill God’s vision.  


We are Generous – Giving is the way of life and we go above and beyond.

We extend Grace – Because life change is messy.    

We are Simple – We focus on doing a few things well.


We are Uplifting – Every person is a gift from God, so we treat them well.

We are Balanced – We live for tomorrow through what we do with today.

We are Practical – We live out our faith in real life.


We are Innovative – Change is welcomed.

Alberto "Junior" Cruz
Connections Team Leader

Pastoral Staff

Tim Janzen