Something Happened

January 3, 2016


Everything has a starting point.  Even you!  Your educational life has a starting point.  Your career has a starting point.  Even faith has a starting point!

Coming to Terms

January 10, 2016


In life, we make mistakes.  What happens if it's more than a mistake?  What do you call someone plans their mistake?  Is it possible that we are more than mistakers...

Sea of Glass

January 17, 2016


What do you do when you see your child bleeding while standing in the middle of a sea of broken glass?  You are faced with a decision.  Go back or wade into the mess...

Role of Rules

January 24, 2016


Everyone comes face to face with question of why are there so many rules.  But rules always means there is some kind of relationship.  But what kind of ...

Nothing But...

February 7, 2016


There comes a time when everyone asks the question, "What am I going to do with my past?  How can get past it?  What can take away my sin...


February 14, 2016


We've all done it.  When you're in trouble or facing a difficult situation.  We bargin with God.  When you do that, you make two assumptions ...

Don't Stop

February 21, 2016


Faith and belief.  We hear so much about what people do because of what they believe.  How does faith impact the life we live?  Does everyone have...


February 28, 2016


There are some statements that oeple make that you know they can't keep them. But what happens when they do?  What do you do when your invited to...


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