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Group Life is a space for your growth in Christ and deepening friendships. Life is better in circles than in rows.  These 6 to 8 week groups begin in February and October.  Each group meeting either online or in-person. There are even some that provide both.  

What is this all about?  Have you ever wondered why some people do what they do.  How about a business?  What about a church?  If you ever wondered what makes Warwick Assembly different from every other church in the area then this is the place to start.  First Look is normally the first Sunday of the month beginning at noon.
Why did God create me?  Is there a greater purpose for my life?  Why did God wire me this way?  Discover how God S.H.A.P.E.d you for life and how He wants to lead you into a fulfilled life.  First Serve is offered every second Sunday every other month.
The foundation of any building determines how high you can build.  In this 13 weeks series you will deepen your understanding of God's love, Jesus' grace, and the Holy Spirit's empowerment for life.  You will discover how to live a victorious life and God's promises to bless you in your obedience to Him.  Normally this class is offered on Tuesday evening during the fall and spring.  An online version will be launching soon.  
Prayer is at its core is an ongoing conversation that breathes life into your spiritual being as you express your love, needs, and desires to God.  But how do you do that?  We will look at Jesus' teaching his disciples to pray and what it means to us today.    
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