Power for Life

The Holy Spirit

Power for Life

The Holy Spirit

Power for Life

If you are going to take a long journey the first thing you do is to fill up the car.  Before Jesus was going to send his disciples out into the world, he made sure that they were filled.  Filled with the Holy Spirit's baptism.  Jesus continues to fill his modern day disciples with the Holy Spirit's baptism.  Discover His "Power for Life!"  



Strong Man - Weak Willed

Fixer Upper

Relationships can be like buying a house.  There are unforeseen areas that need our attention.  Any problem can be fixed if you have the right tools and the know-how.   


When this guy strutted into the room everyone took notice.  When he said he would be back, he meant it. 

Yet like so many of us, Samson struggled to control his emotions.  How does someone with so much potential get derailed?

Chase the Lion

Lions are scary.  So are God-given dreams.  Instead of running away, what would happen if you chased them down?  What would life be like if the whole goal was not to get to heaven safely, but exhausted because ... 

Going Through

God brings people through amazing circumstances. When we face impossible odds, blocked promises, and significant loss, can we trust God?  On three occasions God opened passage ways though...  


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