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Midweek Kids Clubs

Wednesday's at 6:30PM

Cost: $30 / child and $1 weekly dues.

It's that time of year again, Girls Ministries and Royal Rangers are starting back up! If you would like to involve your kids in these awesome midweek clubs come by Warwick Assembly or pre-register HERE!


Winter Groups

November - December 2022

Winter groups are forming.  Be sure to find a group in your area.  If you would like to lead a group, please contact:  Junior@warwickassembly.org or admin@warwickassembly.org


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First Look

November 13, 2022 After the 10:30AM Service

Have you ever wondered why some people do what they do. If you ever wondered what makes Warwick Assembly different from every other church in the area then this is the place to start. 



International Thanksgiving Celebration

November 20, 2022 After the 10:30 AM Service

Our annual Thanksgiving Celebration with a twist.  We are celebrating the different cultures in our Church Family. Consider bringing a traditional dish from your family's recipes.  Join us for this great feast!